5 Ways to Accessorize Your Dirndl Dress Without Going Overboard

Are you thinking of stealing the show at the upcoming Oktoberfest but want to keep your wardrobe lowkey? If you want to captivate the onlookers at the festival and stand out like a diamond, then the dirndl dress is your knight in shining armor. 

It is chic, easy to carry, and can be worn with so many variations and styles that it is impossible not to look exceptionally good. However, no one wants to look disproportionate because of extravagant accessories. It is easy to look glamorous and appealing without going overboard. 

Oktoberfest will be happening soon, and you surely want to flaunt your perfect look. Before you buy any accessories for your dirndl dress, we suggest you read this article to get an insight into minimalistic and sophisticated additions to your dress at the forthcoming event. 

Dirndl Dress Evolution Over Time

The Dirndl dress is a flagship symbol of the festival season in Germany. Traditionally, it was worn by the Alpine peasants, but it has gone through contemporary evolutions. The four main parts including the bodice, an apron, skirt, and a blouse make up the classic profile of the dress. The attire can be further adorned with additional pieces to enhance the overall look. 

Dirndl Dresses 

Dirndl dresses have gone through various evolutions over the years. Initially, cooking aprons, bodices, and blouses were worn by most of the working class women in Europe during the 16th century. These outfits were solely designed for the strenuous demands of heavy work and perpetual movement by the labor class females. The 18th century started with fashion changes, and these dresses started developing into a fashion statement with the lowered necklines and lace additions. 

Although they lost their popularity after World War II, the dirndl dresses are a hot pick among tourists who visit Germany during the festival season. They are also worn at local weddings and feasts.

Ruffled sleeves, embellished blouses, and intricately embroidered bodices make them eye-catching. Different regions in Germany give various ideas to put together a dirndl dress according to your style and kickstart the festive season in style. 

Accessorize Your Dirndl Dress

The conventional style brings elegance and charm, but do you want to stop at that and not merge grace with a little bit of style and flamboyance? There are a lot of cool methods to amp up your dirndl dress game this Oktoberfest, and you will not even have to give an extravagant vibe for this. 

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Step Up the Blouse Game

The blouse is a basic component of the dirndl which catches the attention of the onlookers before anything else. Now you can go for a monochromatic blouse with basic sleeves, but do you want to look all mundane at this exciting festival? Definitely not!

First, you can opt for any sleeve length like a full, half, quarter, or ¾ quarter sleeve. Based on the length of the sleeves, you can craft any design like puffs, splits, raglans, cold shoulder, or the traditional cuffed sleeves. 

To amp up your blouse, you can use various adornments like stones, floral embroidery, and buttons. Then there is no limit for the color variations you want to opt for the blouse, but pastels enhance the body features like none other. 

Glamorize That Skirt

Playing around with different lengths and colors can step up your skirt game while still maintaining modesty.  A white silk skirt with black beads would look minimal yet attractive. Silk, cotton, or even satin silk can be used for a skirt. 

Jewelry For your German Dirndl Dress

Wearing a dirndl to the Oktoberfest requires adding a classy piece of jewelry. The most frequently used accessories are a Weiss necklace, bracelet, or choker made of ribbon. Most bracelets are made of leather, metal, or ribbon and have the same design as the outfit. 

The traditional chain with dangling coins is a fashionable and in-vogue addition that enlivens your dress according to the festive vibe. The chain adorns the front of the dress and makes it more interesting. Another factor in their appeal is that certain chains have been handed down through the centuries as cherished family heirlooms. 

When wearing a German dirndl dress to Oktoberfest, the trendiest item is temporary flash tattoos. They are budget-friendly and give your dress that metallic shine to easily attract everyone’s eyes.

Shoes that Complete the Look

Ladies’ preparation for the Oktoberfest includes wearing special footwear. Mary Janes or flats are some examples of traditional footwear worn by the Bavarian ladies. These shoes especially stand out because of their cleated heels, toes, and plush rubber sole. 

While ankle boots are well-liked for the elegant lace that extends above the ankle, pumps are well-known for their buckle strap and thick, high heels. However, the Mary Jane continues to be the most popular type of footwear for Oktoberfest. If you want to enliven style without looking redundant, buying the right pair of shoes can save the date for you. 

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