Cross Body & Clutch Bags – The Ultimate Combo for Dirndl Dress

bag you can pair up with dirndl dress

Behind every stunning appearance, there is a fabulous bag. No one can disagree here because the appropriate choice of bag can uplift a dirndl dress to another level. There’s lots of dancing and running around in the Beer tents, so you must ensure that the bag is not just stylish but convenient to carry around. 

Crossbody bags and clutches are the ultimate choices for Oktoberfest. They’re neither too small nor too big but the perfect size, so you can pop in some minimal makeup products for quick touch-ups at night. 

It is challenging to decide what style to pair up with your Bavarian tracht because some ladies prefer traditional designs and some fancy contemporary styles. We have prepared a list of bags that includes both, so read till the end and choose one that best suits your taste. 

Traditional Bags With Dirndl Dress

The old-school aesthetic has a specific charm, and you can never go wrong with it. An unmatched choice is a vintage dirndl paired up with a beautiful leather or suede bag with the edelweiss embroidery or customary charms. Let’s look into some conventional styles. 

Brown Leather Purse

If you’re new to Oktoberfest, a leather crossbody bag is one of the most popular choices. You won’t be able to find another bag like it, so search for one with a detachable charm pendant to make it even more unique.  

The purse has a sleek, modern appeal thanks to the combination of antique and polished leather. The front is embellished with a decorative centerpiece, a pendant loaded with charms, and studs in oxidized silver. 

This skillfully designed purse, which makes a classy statement, nicely combines a detail of love which is ideal for a Bavarian dirndl, especially if you’re looking to attract some German hunks at Oktoberfest. 

Traditional Shoulder Bag

If you prefer minimalist patterns, a dark brown velour leather trachten purse is an attractive option. Tradition and finesse come together in this design. 

This shoulder bag’s standout characteristics are its soft velour leather, delicate ornamental border, and traditional color scheme. A huge metal edelweiss appliqué serves as the only adornment. 

The classy straps are attached to the bag itself for adjustable lengths. They are made of strong, silky leather. In addition to the magnetic fastener, the main compartment is equipped with a zip for additional safety. 

This small bag is ideal for securing all your possessions, including makeup, lipstick, keys, cash, and a cell phone. And if this is not perfect for a Beerfest outfit, then what is?

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Crossbody Bags For German Dirndl Dress

The Bavarian tradition is a great component to add to your accessories, but the stylish and sophisticated looks of this year’s trends will raise your dirndl dress game at Oktoberfest. Big chains and geometric motifs on bags dominate this year’s festive fall fashion.

Let’s dig into vogue with these trendy crossbody purse styles.

Chain Bags

The last couple of years has seen a huge increase in the popularity of chain bags among fashionistas. Shiny metal embellishments are a defining feature of contemporary designs. This year, they have acquired a more traditional charm, nevertheless. 

The heavy metal features are one of this year’s major trends, as evidenced by the redesign of traditional elements. These chain crossbody bags make you feel like a diva when worn with an Oktoberfest dress. 

Crescent Bags

This year’s dominant bag trend is a geometric shape similar to a new moon. We suggest you purchase this for the imminent Oktoberfest since it will give your German dirndl a simplistic yet fashionable flair. Because of its buttery soft leather and simple, contemporary forms, these velvety purses are graceful and classic. 


It is quite overwhelming to choose an appropriate clutch for events because they can either be heavily formal or informal. Buying something in between is challenging, but we have lined up the most stunning and chic choices for you here.

Envelope Clutch

Unlike the typical clutches you may have used, this one is special. It has a triangle flap closing on the front that looks like an envelope. Similar to a typical clutch with zippers, this one is unique in that magnets secure its opening. 

The envelope clutches are the ideal choice for someone who has a knack for bringing fashion, and if you’re that person, it will amp up your ensemble. Since it can be stylishly buckled up in your arms, a light-shaded envelope clutch will look lovely with a black inner blouse

Box Clutch

Another fantastic option for women who wish to stand out at Oktoberfest is the Box clutch. It is more of a conventional clutch that looks like a box. 

It is typically built of materials like acrylic and includes various interior details like leather or glitter to enhance the appearance. A Box clutch is quite practical and spacious for storing our important items. 

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing in hand, it sticks out in a crowd of people due to its design and appearance, which makes it the perfect fit for Oktoberfest. 


Minaudiere is a hard-cased clutch without any handles or a strap that primarily has decorative and encrusted beads, pearls, gems, or crystals. Although fairly dazzling and glittery, this bag’s elegant appearance makes it perfect for festivals. The minaudiere is a fashion statement because of its metal cigarette-inspired design.

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