Turn heads with dirndl dress this Oktoberfest – Try these hair color trends

hair color trends with dirndl dress

Hair color is not just a shade, it’s a whole mood, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s like a beautifully adorned crown that you can wear with a dirndl dress. Whether you want to transform yourself drastically or looking for a subtle change, now is the time to get it because Oktoberfest is almost here. 

If you’re confused about which hair color to opt for because there are countless options, we are here to help you. This is a quick guide to all the popular hair dye trends this year, with special reference to the fall vibes. So let’s dig in. 

Hair Colors With Dirndl Dress

Luckily, with the dawn of inclusivity, dye options exist for every base color, personal preference, and lifestyle. You can opt for any shade you like, especially during festivals where you can express yourself unapologetically. 

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair is blonde hair that has had its vibrant pigment removed in exchange for a cooler tone, such as gray, silver, glittering, or pearly shades. 

As with the rings you wear, platinum-colored hair will have a similar shade reflecting your silver jewelry and can be made darker or lighter to suit personal preference and skin tone. Let’s look at how you can ace this color this Oktoberfest.

If you’re looking for a radiant and alluring new haircut that would go great with a vintage dirndl, try a long, wavy bob in honey platinum blonde. 

Platinum blonde with lowlights is the ideal solution if you want a style that has all the benefits of platinum blonde hair without going completely white. Your hair will appear silvery by combining warm golden highlights with lowlights without losing their natural hue.

Consider a dark caramel base with some striking platinum highlights for a café au lait look. For a unified dimensional look, scatter them throughout your hair. With the Oktoberfest dresses, this is a great way to show off your warm skin or post-summer tan.

We have got an attractive option for dark-haired beauties too. On dark hair, a rooted balayage with cool-white highlights will accentuate long, thick strands to their full effect. For a gorgeous appearance, highlight your face with pastel-toned makeup with your dirndl dress.

When you have long, thick hair and are proud of it, it can be difficult to avoid looking like the Kardashians. For a model-like appearance, Combine different shades of cool beige and sandy blonde for this stunning platinum blonde curly hairstyle. 

Add white and platinum baby lights for more depth. You can complete the look with textured, tousled curls, and you will be all set to steal some hearts during Oktoberfest.

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Brunette Shades With German Dirndl Dress

The gorgeous and striking dark tresses are usually underrated because of the monotonous shades. However, there are several ways to play with the colors and appear eye-catching in brunette tones with your German dirndl

This year, colorists have started using balayage to give brown hair a warm, soft look with depth. Balayage brunette has gorgeous lighter brown swirls all over the hair, giving it a lovely lived-in appearance.

The bronde brunette hue is dimensional with some highlights and a baby balayage, striking the ideal blend of dark and light. It is viable for any tone and hair texture as long as your colorist provides you with a suitable tone and level of lightness. 

This is the ideal solution for brunettes who want to experiment with the idea of going lighter without committing to anything utterly transforming. It will go well with a Beerfest outfit since it’s all about the warm tones.

A rich chocolate brown tint is classic and can be personalized with brighter ends, complex sections, or a complete mega sheen to give it a traditional, high-gloss look. 

Anyone looking for a more striking appearance will love this shade, a dark brown, almost black but not entirely invisible. We suggest you go for this particular shade to look like a true Bavarian beauty because simplicity is the key here. 

Vibrant Tones For This Oktoberfest

This year is all about donning vivid tones, whether in clothes, makeup looks, or hair dyes. Here are some extravagant ideas to sport with an authentic dirndl this year:

A bright copper that makes you look like ginger or redhead is the perfect touch for the fall festivals. Most major runway models sported this trend during spring, which will continue throughout the year. 

New and upgraded blonde hues are emerging this year, from premium silver tones to a stunning butterscotch color. The autumn weather is ideal for rich mid-blonde color with caramel or honey undertones.

Now, if you’re feeling extra bold, we recommend going for the red and neon orange hues or a strawberry-tinged blonde with tones of pink to it. It will truly mesmerize everyone at Oktoberfest. 

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