How to do your own makeup with the dirndl dress like a pro?

makeup with dirndl dress

Oktoberfest is right around the corner, and we’re sure you have bought your dirndl dress by now. Accessories and shoes complement this Bavarian outfit, but everyone will be drawn to your face before anything else. 

So, you must ensure that the makeup is on point and eye-catching. Although the insta-worthy and exceptional looks may seem challenging, they are not as tough as you think.

No need to pay hefty amount to a professional or spend your money on visiting a salon. Read this blog for this year’s hottest makeup trends which are effortless, quick, and appealing. 

Makeup Looks For A Dirndl Dress

The vintage dirndl typically comes in monotonous shades like red, white, and blue. These shades are tedious and don’t do much to give an attractive look. Even if you are not going extravagant with the accessories, makeup can be a game-changer. 

From graphic and funky eyeshadows to vibrant lipsticks, the beauty world has stepped up its game in experimenting and playing with variety. You must not be afraid to express yourself through makeup. 

So, take out your makeup bag, grab the brushes, and scroll till the end because we are bringing you the trendiest looks for Oktoberfest this year. 

Face Gems

Are you a bling and sparkle fan who wants to bedazzle everyone at the festival? Well, face gems are just the thing you need. It’s a statement style this year to add some sparkle to the brow bone, the inner corner of your eyes, or the temples of your cheeks. 

Use heavy rhinestones for a bold look, or you can go for smaller ones. They give any eye makeup, simple or full glam, a glittering and exquisite accent. 

You can also add mini pearls, crystals, gems, or shimmery stickers, giving a striking appearance to your Beerfest outfit

The Negative Space Eye Look

Chic and quirky, the block eyeshadow look is blowing up the internet this year. It is both fun and innovative. Let us tell you how you can create a look based on your dirndl dress for the upcoming Oktoberfest. 

Decide the colors you will use for the look according to the outfit. For example, rainbow shades would go perfectly with a black inner blouse. Next up, draw a graphic style on your eyes. You can get as creative here as you like or take inspo from the TikTok stars. 

Now, take a Q-tip and makeup remover. This is the most interesting part. Create different styles of spots in the eyeshadow with the help of the soaked Q-tip. You can make circles, stars, spiral lines, mini hearts, or any design you like. 

Vibrant Lips With German Dirndl Dress

A lady can never go wrong with bold lipstick. The statement lip has made a spectacular comeback this festive season. Unsure of which hue to choose? We advise using bright crimson or corals and berries. 

This year’s red carpets have been swamped with bold red lip looks, and we guarantee they look exquisite on every face shape and skin tone. If you are feeling extravagant, you can also go for the hues of purple with your Oktoberfest dresses

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Thin Eyebrows

You read it right; the thin brows are back in action. Everyone thought that low-rise jeans and thin eyebrows were a thing of the past, but it appears the polarizing look has come back. However, we have a tip to save you from making any major mistakes.

Instead of getting above and beyond with your tweezers, we recommend creating the effect with concealer and a brow pencil. The thin eyebrows will give you a 90s look that goes perfectly well with a German dirndl.

Faux Freckles

The experts are in love with the fake freckles this year. Whether you want to highlight the features you already have or add a little extra something to your complexion, it is the perfect hack. But how can you create this look?

It’s very easy. You only need an ultra slim eyebrow pencil in a subtle brown shade. The thin pencil is the key here because you want a natural look, not animated polka dots on your face.

Do not make careful and precise dots. We suggest you draw them on with no particular trajectory on the bridge of your nose, apples of cheeks, and temples. After drawing, bounce and tap your fingers on the desired areas to diffuse the dots into freckles. 

Metallic Eyeshadows

One of the greatest trends this year is a gilded, sparkling shadow that gives away a fresh-out-of-the-water appearance. What’s best? It’s super simple to replicate. 

Your eyeshadow should have the perfect depth of pigment to capture the festive lights while still looking natural. If you’re going for a monochromatic Bavarian dirndl, this trend is a must-try for you because it will uplift the whole appearance effortlessly. 

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