Want to look Bougie – Try these exquisite outer layers with a dirndl dress

outer layers with dirndl dress

It is quite convenient to look attractive in your dirndl dress, anyone can pull that. However, looking elite and eye-catching simultaneously is not everyone’s piece of cake. Every lady wants to look like both Bavarian royalty and chic at Oktoberfest. Adding vogue outer layers to your outfit does the perfect trick in this regard. 

We have lined up the ultimate ideas to give a flashy kick to your tracht, which will give an oomph to your ensemble and make you look fancy. So, keep on reading till the end and enjoy the festive season.

Throw A Jacket On Your Dirndl Dress

Oktoberfest is an unpredictable event because of the weather in the fall. Everyday variations in temperature are common. The evenings can occasionally be cool and cloudy, while the warm days can persist for quite a while. 

This is where the jackets come into action. You can pair them with a vintage dirndl or take one to the event and throw it up when you feel cold. It will give you class, grace, and safety. Let’s look at some cool and trendy choices. 

Denim Jacket

Initially worn by the rebels and military, denim has come a long way in the fashion industry. It was recognized by stylists as proper outerwear only after celebrities wore it, and they have not stopped ever since. Why?

The reason is that a denim jacket is classic and timeless, and it can be combined with any outfit, skirt, a white or a black inner blouse, and whatever works for you. Whether your dress is checkered or embroidered, there is an option for every design. 

The denim jackets also come in delicately adorned options which is the ultimate benchmark for a fancy-looking outfit. They are available in various sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that will accentuate your body features perfectly. 

Trimmed Jackets

The cropped/trimmed jackets are available in various fabrics and colors. Cropped jackets are a relatively recent fashion trend, but they have impacted women in the past, making them essential pieces for any outfit. 

As the name suggests, the cropped jacket resembles shorter-length crop tops. They also refer to asymmetrical jackets, which have no specific pattern, making them interesting. So how can you pair them up with a dirndl dress?

You can wear a woolen plaid cropped jacket with a monotonous blouse and bodice, which will not only make your whole outfit stand out but also give a very high-end vibe. The cropped jacket can also be worn in embroidered denim for a chiseled look. 

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Cashmere Jackets

Cashmere is a fashionable fabric that is hard to come by, making it naturally precious. The lavish material is made from the Capra Hircus goat, primarily found in Mongolia and the Himalayas. 

Cashmere’s earliest commercialization dates to the 18th century. After being adopted by European royal families, it attracted a lot of attention, and designers soon began using cloth to make their outfits. 

The cashmere jackets are the best way to look exclusive and appealing in the Oktoberfest dresses. We suggest you use neutral tones and combinations that look striking and fancy. 

Combine Cardigans With A German Dirndl Dress

The biggest music performers don’t just wear cardigans; they also create songs about them because they are such a fashion essential. The most exquisite royals, the greatest celebs, and the coolest fashionistas have all been spotted wearing cardigans.

So it’s the perfect way to amp up your German dirndl game, and there are tons of options so you can juggle around with them as per your style. 


The 1990s saw the bolero fashion trend reach its height. Wrist warmers, coveralls, and jumper sleeves are a few of the names it has gone by over the years. 

But it’s just a tight-fitting cardigan that sits above the waist and only covers the shoulders and arms. For the fanciest look, we suggest you buy a cashmere crocheted bolero cardigan in pastel hues to go with a Bavarian dirndl

Wrap Cardigans

A broad range of styles of wrap cardigans is made with a bit more fabric so that you may wrap it easily around yourself. These designs have a belt that you can use to fasten the cardigan around your waist. 

This defines your face because they draw attention to your waist and accentuate your bust line, which is the major manifestation of a Beerfest outfit. A wrap cardigan looks amazing on every body type, so you don’t have to stress about hiding or covering anything. 

Flamboyant Scarves

A pop of a scarf never hurt anyone, and in this case, it’ll bring out the inner princess in you. This is the outerwear donned by queens frequently, and we guarantee that you will look nothing short of her highness when you wear a scarf with a traditional dirndl. 

Lace, linen, and wool are quite common. However, if you want to look Bougie, silk is the way to go. Nothing gives a fancier feeling to an outfit than a lovely satin scarf in floral patterns and bold hues. 

Buy A Dirndl Online

A high-quality dirndl dress is a key to looking fancy at Oktoberfest, and the outerwear will be of no use if the outfit’s fabric is mediocre and designs are tedious. Dirndl Online Shop has an exclusive collection of Bavarian tracht to fulfill your inner princess fantasies, so order your dress today and enjoy!

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