Complete your Lederhosen Outfit for Oktoberfest: Grab the traditional Lederhosen Socks and Loferl!

Lederhosen Socks 

Flaunt your toned calves with the traditional Lederhosen men socks this Oktoberfest. 

Looking for a Dirndl Online Shop? The Trachten socks are just as important for the Oktoberfest as any Lederhosen outfit accessories, including the rustic Charivari chains and Haferl shoes. The lederhosen socks, available at our Dirndl Online Shop, are made from cotton/wool and have anti-bacterial and odorless qualities. The socks are made from highly absorbent materials for a dry experience throughout the day. Check out our Dirndl Online Shop to find these comfortable and stylish Trachten socks!


Lederhosen Men Socks 

These Trachten socks are a sure eye-catcher for the toned legs. The short lederhosen are perfectly pairable with the traditional Loferl or the leg warmers – on the other hand, the longer rustic style bundhosen go well with the Bavarian Lederhosen socks

Trachten Socks Affording Comfortability 

The comfortable lederhosen socks and accessories from our premium Trachten collection are worn up to the knee, where they rest. The short lederhosen socks and accessories are conventionally coupled with the Haferl shoes and the Loferl without wearing the ankle socks. That said, there are tons of stylish variations to the classic Bavarian Lederhosen socks and accessories.


Bavarian Lederhosen Socks 

Couple these Trachten socks with the bucolic suede leather boots – or wear them for a cozy warm evening around the fire. The Trachten socks in our comfy collection are known for the excellent quality materials with massive natural cotton percentage – for comfort and ease of cleaning. 

Lederhosen Socks for Sale 

The brute masculine Lederhosen socks and Lederhosen shoes are available in our premium collection at Dirndl Online Shop as the traditional two-part Loferl or the long knee-length socks. These socks are adorned with cabled and motif knitting and beautiful traditional Bavarian patterns in multiple color options. These socks are perfect for wearing with the traditional Trachten shoes/suede shoes.


For those models, well-toned calves, go for our top quality and famous Loferl socks in high-quality soft wool in classic German-Bavarian patterns.