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Oktoberfest Chic Element!

Although traditional dirndl blouses were once the only Oktoberfest outfit options, many women now prefer to experiment with their outfits and wear unexpected gear. The Dirndl Online Shop offers a wide variety of Oktoberfest purses and clutches, providing a great way to do this.


Our Oktoberfest bags, including the luxury women Oktoberfest purses and the ultra-modern women Oktoberfest bags, are enchanting with a complete range of traditional and modern fashion: from traditional bags to ultra-modern women bags that can be effortlessly combined with casual everyday wear, lederhosen and dirndl dresses. They all have one thing in common, they are amazingly sexy and impressive.

Apart from being drop-dead gorgeous, Oktoberfest women purses also represent the ancient Bavarian textile and Trachten fashion – breathing a new life into Bavarian craft and culture.

Crafted carefully considering Bavarian History

Although the traditional Bavarian Dirndl Blouse is widely accepted as an Oktoberfest outfit, many Oktoberfest goers are now experimenting with different styles. The Oktoberfest women purses and clutches are a great way to experiment with style while mixing traditional Bavarian textiles with modern designs and preferences.

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This mesmerizing purse is made in crisp black color with a soft leather fabric – the fabric is chosen for its odorless qualities and light weight. This bag is a wonderful new addition to the modern and state of the art designs. It comes with metal shoulder clasps to enhance the rugged beauty of the purse which is stitched perfectly.