Beer fests around the world are a celebration of life, and what’s better to celebrate in than a festive and sensual German Beerfest outfit? If you are looking for such, you have come to the right place. 

Are planning to visit Beerfest this year and make an impressive style statement? Choose a classic and traditional dirndl dress with modern design elements – a class-apart ensemble that is to die for and might earn you some wolf-whistles from the guys too. 

Browse through our selection of fantastic Dirndls; each piece is surely a design marvel, specifically designed to stun and turn heads in the beer fest. 

Beerfest Costume

Each Beerfest costume in our collection is a remarkable piece of modern sartorial art – elegantly fusing the old-world charm and the practicality of the modern era. Our designers put keen attention to detail on each piece – taking inspiration from the latest ramp-walk trends. 

After careful artistic deliberation, the lavish textiles are selected, and the embroideries are done by hand with silk threads. The corset hooks are designed to incorporate the design element of Bavarian culture and are made to match the German Beerfest outfit. Each article is made to fit perfectly, as we have devised and conditioned our cuts, fits, and stitching over the years. 

The production process for our dirndl dress is targeted to maintain and build-on on premium quality standards. The corset hooks on our Dirndls are hand-sewn, and the frills are worked-on by hands, so every piece you lay your eyes on is one of a kind. 

German Beerfest Outfit 2022

Our new collection at Dirndl Online Shop is where tradition meets innovation; we have designed a collection of elaborate colors, dancing in a frenzy of traditional and ultra-modern patterns. These pieces are a sure catch-magnet for women of every taste, build, and age – that best part – you can tweak your outfit to match your vision of perfection by adding-on various accessories and hairstyles, and make-up combinations. 


Our collection holds an elaborate selection of mesmerizing dirndls so that you can make your pick. The line of our products is designed by multiple talented designers, who are determined to preserve and showcase the traditional elements of trachten. 


Why go for a Dirndl?

Dirndl is known worldwide for its unique structure and cut – that frames and accentuates the feminine figure. The bodice is designed to purpose a slim waist, while a full neckline with lace stuns coupling with a flared skirt cascading down from the waist. 

Every Dirndl dress comprises three major parts – the bodice, dress skirt, and an apron –tied around the waist in a beautiful bow knot. 


Sizing – Please refer to our detailed size chart for sizing. 

Suitable for occasions – Beerfest costume and dirndl dresses are also suitable for Oktoberfest, Halloween, nightclubs, carnivals, beer gardens, bars, costume parties, theme, fancy dress parties, etc. 

What is included? 

A dress skirt, with an apron and a bow ribbon, along with a corset and a blouse – white or black.