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Full Maxi Dirndl or the long Dirndl dress is one of the best choices for your Oktoberfest look. Traditionally, a Dirndl is an outfit designed to be suitable for everyday work life. This is one of the reasons that the skirt and the apron of the Dirndl do not reach down to the ankles.

Why is that?

The design is made so that the hem of the skirt does not get dirty as women would pass through shallow waters or trudges over the fields or pastures. Unlike the Mini Dirndl or Midi Dirndl, a Maxi Dirndl is widely accepted as a traditional Bavarian long Dirndl dress mostly regarded as the proper style.

The German Dirndl dress long skirts have become rarer by the time – however, it is still a perfect choice for women who want to stand out from the common crowd at festivals like Oktoberfest. At Dirndl Online shop, you can choose between ranges of different styles of long Dirndl skirt dresses – as we carry something for every taste!

Where can you wear a long Dirndl?

The Dirndl outfit is one of the most famous German/Bavarian traditional costumes, and it has a long history of being worn. It goes way back in time and is historically and still worn in many regions on multiple occasions. Such as:

  •         At folk festivals such as Beerfest or Oktoberfest
  •         Funfairs
  •         Traditional church festivals, Pentecostal processions, or on various other Christian holidays
  •         Private parties and occasions, such as anniversaries, weddings in the community
  •         To clubs and musical societies

What materials are used to manufacture Dirndls?

Dirndl can be made with various fabrics and materials, such as cotton, linens, silks, or brocades – (for the higher-end outfits). Additionally, to add in a factor of practicality, many variants now also come in variations of polyester.

Accessories for Maxi Dirndls

The unique style apron is always teamed up and linked with the actual women’s Dirndls. Depending on the taste or tradition, multi-colored, striped, or decorated with other traditional or modern patterns.

Tying the Bow and Bow’s Significance

You have to be careful while tying the Dirndl bow as it is used as a communication tool at Oktoberfest and other festivities.

  •         Tying on the right: Signifies that you are spoken for, engaged, or married
  •         Tying on the left: The left tie indicates that you are single
  •         Tying on the front: Signifies that the wearer is young or virgin
  •         Tying on the back: Indicates that the wearer is widowed or a waitress

Why should you choose a Dirndl?

The Dirndl dress is renowned for its cut and structure throughout the world – a cut that frames and enhances the feminine nature of curves. The bodices are designed to display a thinner waist, and the full neckline with lace embellishments is a sure knockout when paired with a long Dirndl skirt.


How many pieces are there in a Dirndl outfit?

Traditionally, each Dirndl variant comes with a skirt dress, a blouse, a bodice, and an apron.


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