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There are tons of variations of German Oktoberfest dress for women of every age, body type, and liking. The Oktoberfest dress variation range from traditional to ultra-modern variants; sometimes, a fusion of both is also preferred.  

At Dirndl Online Shop, we believe there is no wrong way to don a Dirndl outfit for Oktoberfest. However, you will want to wear a traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest dress that goes at least to your knees.

German Oktoberfest dress

When it comes to the dirndl dress length, these can come in different lengths for Oktoberfest, usually going below the knees. 

Traditional Dirndl 

The most traditional length is the long Dirndl, aka langdrindl, which reaches about a little above your ankles.

Midi Dirndl 

The midi or the middle length dirndl will stop cascading anywhere from your shins to just below your knees.

Mini Dirndl 

The short/mini Dirndl will stop a few inches above your knees. 

Depending on the flair and fullness of your skirt, you can choose to add a petticoat or underskirt to enhance volume and movement. 

Most commonly for the Oktoberfest dressing, the Midi Dirndls are the most preferred choice. However, it really doesn’t matter which length you choose as all of these are widely accepted and are common at Oktoberfest. But still, most Bavarians go for a skirt below the knees. 

The longer Dirndl comes into the niche of more formal dirndls, a bit warm, and the length can be a bit restricting while dancing or stepping over the benches in Oktoberfest tents. This is why we always recommend the midi-dirndls to customers so that you can choose to go longer or shorter according to your style preference. 

It would be best to realize the difference between the mini-dirndls and the ultra-short costume type dirndls that some tourists wear at Oktoberfest. So for a traditional Oktoberfest dress and a legit outfit, you might have to shop online. 

Why should you go for a Dirndl?


A Dirndl outfit is known internationally for its link to Oktoberfest and its unique style and cuts, which beautifully accentuates feminine curves. The Dirndl bodices are designed to achieve a slimmer waist look, while the full-neckline is adorned with beautiful lace and the flair of the skirt flows down to the knees – making your outfit a sensational work of art.  


Parts of Dirndl

Every dirndl outfit for sale comes in three parts – the dress skirt, bodice, and an apron tied artistically with a ribbon bow around the waist. You can also go for either a black or traditional white blouse under the corsets – whatever options suit your sense of style. 


Please refer to the size chart for sizing estimations or contact our customer support. 


Where can you wear a Dirndl? 

Oktoberfest, beer gardens, Beerfest, leisure parties, Halloween, nightclubs, festivals, weddings, costume parties are some options where you can rock your dirndl look. 

What are some other Oktoberfest Dressing options for women?

Women can also opt for sturdy female Lederhosen outfits to make a bolder statement at Oktoberfest. 

What is included in the package? 

A blouse, skirt, apron with a bow ribbon including a corset.