Buy Trendy Dirndl Aprons for Your Oktoberfest Costume Online

The Dirndl Online Shop offers an impressive selection of traditional Bavarian Aprons that you can pair with your dirndl. The dirndl apron is a trademark of the famous Bavarian costume and is a fashionable part of it, serving as a real eye catcher! Each time you change your apron, you can create a new look for your costume, thanks to the wide variety available at Dirndl Online Shop.

Inspired by the famous annual Oktoberfest celebration held in Munich, our inventory boasts an array of elegant designs that will add the classic vintage touch to your appearance. Browse through our range and enjoy a memorable online shopping experience!

Bavarian Aprons for a New Look, Every Time!

The design of the dirndl apron plays an important role in the dirndl outfit, just as a tie does to a stylish suit. In German tradition, this part of the costume adds the final touch to the dirndl outfit, so they come in a wide range of designs, cuts, and colors. If you're looking for the perfect dirndl apron for your dirndl outfit, you can shop by size to ensure the best fit and style.

Do you know that according to people in Germany, the apron provides information about the marital status of a woman?  If a woman ties the dirndl apron knot on the right side, it signals that she is married or engaged. However, the knot on the left side means she is still single. A knot tied in the middle means she is a virgin and when tied to the back means she is a widow.

A centuries old custom, today, wearing dirndl aprons in different countries to celebrate Oktoberfest is a rising trend. If you are searching for these online in the USA, then you are at the right stop. As you surf through our page, you will find different aprons that will give you a new look, every time on any occasion!

Dirndl Online Shop Has an Extensive Range of Dirndl Aprons

Depending on the length of your dirndl costume, you can find an extensive range here. Our German aprons collection features mini, mid, long, and maxi dirndls. Along with different lengths, we have different styles that come in a horde of colors. Whether you want a bright red, green, pink, blue, or any colored dirndl apron, we have them all!

Dirndl Aprons with Patterns.

Wearing dirndl apron with patterns is a rising trend. In the old days, German women who would attend Oktoberfest were limited to two options, either white, or black aprons. However, since this is a celebratory day that most people (even in the US), look forward to, you can buy aprons with patterns as well.   Our collection has floral printed aprons, embroidered styles, and more in different colors to keep envious heads stare back at you.

Patterned Aprons with Intricate Lace Cuts

Along with patterned aprons, we have a wide range of aprons with intricate and delicate cuts. These are available in floral, checkered, lined and more in different colors including light and dark hues. We have aprons with matching ribbons as well, to add a glamorous touch to your Oktoberfest costume.

The Knot as an Important Part of the Oktoberfest Apron.

When you finally choose the apron of your choice, it is also important to note that you must tie the loops around the waist in a “bow” shape. Ribbons come along with the apron in matching colors, just be sure to keep it as smooth as possible around your waist. 

Looking for something to pair with your Oktoberfest aprons? Check out our fantastic collection of Oktoberfest dresses on our online shopping store! Our dresses are available in different fabrics, such as silk, cotton, net, and more. We also have them in various colors, sizes, lengths, and styles. Take your time and buy the best ones that fit your budget now!