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Rich Quality Lederhosen for Women 

German Lederhosen women is a folk style traditional Bavarian costume used by women for decades. The premium quality with beer designs and leather used of pure quality makes it eye-catching and trendy for the wearer. The feminine cut and embroidery makes it super girlish to make you look like a Bavarian queen


Find the perfect piece for your next Oktoberfest from our authentic lederhosen women collection. The beer embroidery with pockets and the detailing of lederhosen looks ravishing on the costume and makes the wearer stand out from the entire crowd.

Who can wear a Lederhosen?

Women can wear lederhosen for a strong statement. It is a traditional German garment that has become popular in recent years, especially at beer festivals. It is custom produced to match the contours of a woman’s body, but still retains its original look and feel. Women can wear it with a variety of footwear such as fancy high heels or supportive shoes, and it is often matched with traditional Bavarian shoes and socks.

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Lederhosen Costume Women is an intricately designed feminine outfit used in oktoberfests. Dirndl Online Store is a ladies fashion store to provide state of the art costumes for Oktoberfest. Find out your perfect lederhosen women

Women's Lederhosen Oktoberfest

A women's lederhosen costume is typically composed of three pieces: a blouse, a dress and an apron. The blouse is typically white and is made of lace or cotton, with a variety of necklines and sleeve options. The dress is cut close to the body, usually reaching the mid-thigh, and is often made of wool or linen. It is usually fastened at the front with a zipper or buttons, and is sometimes lined. The apron is usually made of cotton or linen and is either plain or decorated with embroidery. It is tied at the waist and may be worn either in the front or back. Women's lederhosen costumes can be found in a variety of colors and patterns, with many of them featuring traditional Bavarian motifs.

Bavarian style Lederhosen for Women

Women's Oktoberfest lederhosen are similar to those worn by men, but are cut for a woman's body. They are typically made of a soft, lightweight leather and are often decorated with embroidery and patterns. They typically come in three lengths: short, mid-length, and full-length. They can be worn with a variety of tops, ranging from traditional Bavarian shirts to t-shirts, and can be paired with a variety of shoes, such as Bavarian half-boots, hiking boots, and even sneakers. Women's Oktoberfest lederhosen often come with a matching apron and are usually accessorized with a traditional Bavarian hat and Charivari chain.