Women’s Lederhosen For Oktoberfest

Lederhosen is not just for men! Women have also adopted the traditional Bavarian leather pants known mainly for Oktoberfest. Along with the features of men's Lederhosen, authentic women's Lederhosen are crafted in curved fitting to give a feminine look. 

At the DirndleOnlineShop, you will find a wide selection of Bavarian women's Oktoberfest Pants crafted with the finest quality materials and carved with meaningful embroidery motifs. Browse our store to discover the best breeches to complete your Oktoberfest or formal look. 

Authentic Lederhosen for Women Made of Authentic Leather 

You can wear the Bavarian women's Lederhosen at any traditional or formal festivity for a strong statement. At the DirndleOnlineShop, we use genuine deerskin leather to make high-quality women's Lederhosen. Putting attention to detail, we carve the leather to match your body's contours, retaining the original look and feel of the Lederhosen. 

Unlike men, Women can wear the Bavarian women's Lederhosen with various footwear, such as fancy high heels or loafers. To respect the Oktoberfest tradition, match your women's leather trousers with leather shoes that give a classic and sturdy look.  

Stylish Bavarian Women's Lederhosen for the Perfect Girlish Look

Whether you plan to raise a stein at traditional German celebrations or attend a formal gathering, your German women's Lederhosen outfit should represent your unique style. For this, our vast collection of Bavarian women's Lederhosen comes in various colors and styles. From classic brown and vintage black to modern gold and silver, our store has every option for you to express yourself uniquely. 

We put hand-crafted embroidery on top of the colorful German leather shorts. Intricately carved on the women's Lederhosen, each design defines a story and lets you express your unique style. The fine detailing and knife pockets further elevate your girlish look. Pair your attire with Lederhosen shorts for women to complement your look.