Original price was: $56.00.Current price is: $45.00.
Original price was: $56.00.Current price is: $45.00.

Traditional Suspenders for Lederhosen

Bavarian Suspenders are a classic accessory that gives any attire a formal touch. At the Dirndl Online Shop, we give Lederhosen suspenders an overall traditional makeup. Our German braces are made with high-quality leather and are integral to your authentic Oktoberfest outfit. Hold your leather trousers up with style using our premium range of leather suspenders.

Cruise through the online shop and discover Bavarian Lederhosen suspenders of the finest quality. With the elegant addition of unique embroidery, our German leather suspenders come in all styles, sizes, and colors to meet your unique needs.

Leather Made Bavarian Suspenders

Our Bundhosen suspenders are top-grain suede leather, featuring traditional Bavarian accent stitching. The use of high-quality leather ensures durability and a natural feel. Our suspenders are made to hold up your Lederhosen for years without losing shape or elasticity. Select from various colors, including dark brown, vintage black, and rustic gray, to match your trachten shorts.

Besides the top-notch quality, our suspenders come with intricate hand-embossed embroidery. Our highly skilled artisans use colorful embroidery thread to create traditional embroideries like floral patterns, deer, stags, and the Bavarian crown. Each embroidery has a story and a special place in the rich Bavarian culture.  

Authentic Lederhosen Suspenders in a Variety of Styles

German Suspenders from the Dirndl Online Shop don't confine you to just one style. You can choose between X-style, Y-style, and H-style suspenders with adjustable straps and attachment clips. The adjustable straps ensure perfect waist fitting while the attachment clips securely hold your Lederhosen

For Oktoberfest, we blend tradition with trends to make suspenders that help you express your unique personality while respecting the Bavarian spirit. Our women's Lederhosen suspenders are created with unique curves to show off a feminine look. 

Experience Versatility with Trachten Suspenders from the DirndlOnlineShop

So, irrespective of your gender or taste, authentic Bavarian suspenders from the Dirndl Online Shop go perfectly with every traditional and formal outfit. Whether you wear German Lederhosen with a plain white shirt, or formal pants with a checkered shirt, suspenders of the right color will level up your attire. Find the suspenders that match your unique style, select the correct size, and raise a stein as you stand out of the crowd.<