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Oktoberfest Lederhosen Shop is your one–stop online store for Oktoberfest shirts. We also offer a variety of Dirndl dresses and accessories. A collection of traditional men's checked shirts and incorporate the classic tract features to their lederhosen shirt. Combine our Oktoberfest men's shirts with your Lederhosen and get set to flaunt a new style trend this Oktoberfest! You could go for the Lederhosen or set a new look with a pair of casual jeans. No matter what look you prefer, our traditional alpine design shirts will always keep you looking sophisticated. Check out our Dirndl Online Shop for the perfect outfit for the upcoming festival!


Take your time and check out our selection of mens checked shirts that varies from checkered to white ones.

Men’s Country-Style Fashion Staple: The Checkered Oktoberfest Shirt

To celebrate Oktoberfest in the traditional Bavarian way, you must choose a checkered shirt. A checkered shirt is an important element of the traditional lederhosen costume for men. As you browse our collection, you will find these shirts in all colors. However, the most common shades people prefer are blue, red, white, green, and other bright-colored check shirts.


Over the years, this fashion trend has evolved to unique and extravagant colors that help to make the lederhosen costume even classier. To make your collection of shirts for Oktoberfest trendier, we have added a range of colors including sky blue, sea green, dark blue; white embroidered, plain and more options. You can pair these with Bundhosen or Lederhosen for any occasion and we are sure that you will look extravagant, stylish and cool!

Different Sleeve Lengths for an urbane Look 

At our online store, you will find shirts with long and short sleeve variations. You can choose long sleeved shirts and roll up the sleeve to pull off a casual look or choose short sleeves for a hip look. No matter what look you wish to pull off, our trendy shirts will allow you to customize the sleeves in any way you desire. Our mens checkered shirts are 100% cotton and machine washable. They also have chest pockets to allow you to keep handy stuff like food coupons when waiting in line at the Oktoberfest to get your next beer!

The sizes of our alpine shirts, designed for those who love alpine costumes, are set to the standard US sizes. This means you can order whatever size is suitable for you. They range from small to large sizes, so you can find the perfect fit easily.

Buy a Lederhosen Shirt for Oktoberfest Season!

Lederhosen shirts are a staple for traditional German festivals. Popular in many styles and colors, our range of men’s Bavarian shirts is always in demand, especially during the celebratory season of Oktoberfest in the USA! Find a distinctive range of shirts with intricate embroidery and a horde of assorted adornments. 

You can purchase these mens Oktoberfest shirts at Oktoberfest Lederhosen Store. Our entire collection generally comes directly from Germany, so be sure that you can set new trends, every year!