Bavarian Suede Lederhosen Skirt

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Oktoberfest Slim fit Lederhosen Skirts

The Suede Lederhosen Skirt is real Bavarian Tracht Gold. The Lederhosen mini skirt is a one-of-a-kind addition to our collection, and it is one to steal focus from every other type of Oktoberfest outfit. Made from genuine suede leather and embroidered with traditional Alpine embroidery with rustic stag horn style buttons. The Lederhosen style skirt has a Bavarian flap closure, two side pockets, and buttons on each thigh part.

> Original refined suede leather
> Traditional bavarian hand embroidery
> Comfortable curved fitting
> Flattering cuts enhance your natural beauty for any occasion

Perfect blend of traditional and modern Bavarian Look!

Welcome to our website featuring women's lederhosen skirts, the perfect blend of traditional and modern fashion for women who love to make a statement. Our collection of lederhosen skirts is designed to meet the demands of modern women who are always on the lookout for unique and stylish clothing options. 

Our lederhosen skirts are made from high-quality materials that are durable and comfortable to wear. We understand that women need clothing that not only looks great but also feels great to wear, which is why we use only the finest materials in our designs.


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At Dirndl Online Shop, you'll find a wide range of women's lederhosen skirts at affordable prices. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the unique style and elegance of lederhosen skirts, which is why we offer a variety of options to suit all budgets. 

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Lederhosen Skirts

Our lederhosen skirts are carefully crafted to merge traditional Bavarian elements with modern style, creating a unique and fashionable look. 

  • Traditional Bavarian-inspired design with a modern twist.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Rich textures and earthy tones for a charming look.
  • Impeccable fit that enhances your silhouette.
  • Intricate detailing, such as decorative buttons, embroidery, or lace trim.
  • Versatile styling options for various occasions and seasons.
  • Available in different lengths to suit personal preferences.
  • Thoughtful craftsmanship and attention to detail for a premium finish.
  • Easy to pair with blouses, cardigans, and a range of footwear options.
  • Suitable for both casual and more formal settings, offering versatility in your wardrobe.

Skirts: Multiple colors and patterns to rock your day!

Our lederhosen skirts are available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, allowing you to choose the perfect skirt that suits your individual style. 
Whether you prefer a classic black skirt with traditional embroidery or a more colorful and playful design, we have something for everyone.Our lederhosen skirts are perfect for any occasion, whether it's a traditional Oktoberfest celebration or a night out with friends.

How to style a Lederhosen Skirt?

To style Authentic lederhosen skirt for women, you can start by pairing it with a feminine blouse that has delicate details like lace or embroidery. Opt for a fitted blouse to create a beautiful contrast with the earthy tones of the skirt. Layering is also an option, so consider adding a cardigan or a jacket such as a cropped denim jacket or a cozy knit cardigan. When it comes to footwear, you have several choices. Traditional ankle boots or loafers can create a classic look, while heels or platform shoes add a modern twist. Accessorize thoughtfully by adding a belt to accentuate your waist, a statement necklace, or experimenting with scarves, hats, or hair accessories. Lastly, play with textures and patterns in your outfit by mixing different fabrics like lace, velvet, or knitwear to add visual interest.

Oktoberfest lederhosen Skirt

Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Oktoberfest with our stunning collection of lederhosen skirts for women. Designed to embody the authentic Bavarian style, our skirts feature suspenders, intricate embroidery, and playful details that capture the festive essence of the occasion. Crafted from premium materials, they offer a flattering silhouette, ensuring both comfort and durability as you dance and celebrate.