Classic Black Red Checkered German Dirndl Dress

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Traditional German Dirndl Dress

Checkered dirndl dress for Oktoberfest and other formal occasions. These slim fit dirndl dresses come with free Cotton apron and a cotton white dirndl blouse.

> Pleated lace white dirndl blouse and sleeves
> Traditional cut neckline
> Soft cotton fabric
> Comfortable curvy fits, adjustable ribbons

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Premium Quality Dirndl Dress

Dirndl dress has always been our love interest – making it more than a piece of clothing and a perfect addition to the wardrobe for every classy woman for each festive and non-festive occasion.

Yes, you can wear dirndl dresses any time you want – that is the beauty of the traditional Bavarian Tracht. At our premium online shop, you can get your hands on the most exquisite quality dirndl dresses – and set fire to the Oktoberfest fashion stage with the wide range of traditional German dirndl dress.


dirndl online shop

Dirndl Online Shop

Our collection of stunning Trachten dresses contributes to this fashionable and diverse fashion niche with dress models that range from the modern to nostalgic and more classic Alpentrachten.

We offer dirndl dresses made from innovative and traditional designs using quality materials – making our dresses worth an investment. Browse through our collection of wide-ranging colors from pinks to reds, and blues to greens in all traditional and ultra-modern patterns.

Dirndl Dresses

At the dirndl online shop, you can buy dirndls all year round – our selection always has wide ranges in store for you.
From maxi to midi dirndl dresses – we house a full range of contemporary Trachten fashion – a dress that suits every person and occasion.

Are you looking for wedding or bridesmaids’ dirndls? You are in luck and have landed in the right place. Special dirndl dresses for wedding party, similar celebrations, and anniversaries – go for a dignified yet voguish dirndl dress. One that many women prefer – a dress that has a perfect length so you can hit the dance floor all evening.



A dirndl dress is perhaps one of the most feminine traditional outfits. Unlike other fashion niches, the dirndl dresses and the entire Trachten fashion has become an eye-catching and charming option for exquisite parties and other celebrations.

The German borders for a dirndl dress have since crossed and are the go-to choice for many fashionistas and celebrities worldwide.

Included for FREE

Pleated lace white dirndl blouse and sleeves
Bow Ribbon
Matching Apron

Who can wear a German Dirndl Dress?

The latest traction of the German dirndl dress has seen new heights, and this can be easily explained with a fact that a traditional drindl dress suits every one. Barely any other fashion trend has flattered the feminine body other than these chic Trachten dresses.

For a wearer – height, weight, and the body proportions do not matter. Due to the massive range of dresses with individual cuts, a dirndl clearly puts the respective benefits into focus.

Oktoberfest Dirndl Dress

Oktoberfest dirndl dress options are wide-ranging at our shop, dresses specifically designed with intricate detailing to make them your go-to outfit for visiting the Wiesn. Our dirndls come in complete sets, and you can customize the outfit's accessories and parts to suit your particular fashion vision. When you shop online, you can get just about anything the dirndl sartorial world has to offer – and you can customize these even more!

Girl, pick out the dress that you fall in love with – and we will make it a wonderful deal for you.