Traditional Oktoberfest Trachten Socks


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Lederhosen Socks and Loferl for Oktoberfest outfits

The traditional Lederhosen men socks are in ash white and green color. The lederhosen socks are knotted in a semi-cable pattern with intricate detailing incorporating the Bavarian traditional textiles. The top green stripe will greatly complement the brown/black/Tan lederhosen shorts – making them a perfect addition to your Oktoberfest outfit. These socks are made to stay in place, are anti-bacterial, and have odor-repelling qualities.

> Cotton/wool blend for comfort and odor control
>Pair with short or long Lederhosen for different styles
> Beautiful Bavarian patterns and motifs
> Available in knee-length or Loferl styles

A pair of Bavarian socks to wear with lederhosens for Oktoberfest this year! These simple white trachten socks are made of the finest quality polyester and cotton mix giving it a comfortable fit and ultimate stretch for a long lasting use. A modern look with a little traditional German design all over with 3 green marks at the top. Wear these lederhosen socks with your traditional German outfit and add an extra layer of comfort for your feet!