5 ways to style a maxi skirt with your dirndl dress this fall

style maxi skirt with dirndl dress

If you’re into modest clothing, this is the year for you. Maxi skirts are in full swing, and you can combine them with your dirndl dress this Oktoberfest for a striking appearance. 

Maxi skirts are perfect for the fall season since the evenings are typically cold. You don’t have to wear tacky socks with the midi or mini length skirts because the maxi ones perfectly cover your legs. 

From embellished and shimmery styles to minimal and subtle tones, the designers have given it all to maxi skirts. We have lined up some of the most eye-catching styles to pair up with the Bavarian tracht so you can effortlessly make a statement with your outfit. 

Skirt Trends For Dirndl Dress

The maxi skirt trend is once again popular. However, you might get ready to improvise if you are old enough to recall the early 1990s silhouette, which was best worn with a handkerchief top and newsboy cap.  

Fortunately, today’s selections don’t involve the traditional boho-chic catastrophe of the 2000s. Instead, the style has developed into a sophisticated, fashionable way that can be easily adapted to Oktoberfest dresses. 

Look at the runways, where prominent designers set the bar high by presenting floor-sweeping trends with enduring quality and closet appeal. Maxi skirts are feminine and exquisite, making them the perfect choice for shy gals. 

It’s all about the proportions. Whether you pair the maxi skirt with a full-sleeved or sleeveless dirndl blouse, you can appear effortlessly cool without looking excessively seductive. Let’s dig into these vogue maxi skirt styles. 

Print On Print 

This fall, a printed skirt with a printed top is the way to go. One of the chicest ways to wear a long skirt is to hop onto the print-on-print trend. Choose a blouse with an intricate pattern like the edelweiss embroidery (For the perfect Bavarian touch) or a floral design for a more vogue vibe. 

With the patterned blouse, we suggest you buy a monotonous bodice and pair it with a printed skirt, and we swear by this style. You will turn heads, especially if you choose a funky style for your full maxi dirndl

As for the prints, there is a diverse range to choose from. You can opt for exotic florals, earth-inspired designs, heritage, animal (zebra or leopard), block prints, timeless plaids, hypnotistic glitters, stripes, polka dots, and global fusion prints are just some of the styles. 

Button Down Shirt With Maxi German Dirndl Dress

Buttons down shirts are unconventional for a Beerfest outfit, but we are here to inspire you to break free from the norms and indulge in the world of innovation. The button-downs are cool, chic, and elegant all at the same time. 

Try the tie-down style if you want to add oomph to your German dirndl dress. Take cotton, linen, and silk button blouse, preferably beige or caramel toned. Leave the top buttons undone (for that gorgeous decollete show-off) and combine the shirt with a dark brown or black bodice for a striking look. 

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Textured Skirts

This season, crochet is resuming, and many designers are embracing the knit maxi as a prominent design. Unlike their flowery, free-spirited tiered counterparts, the skirts of knitted maxis are a leaner shape and hang straight. 

When choosing a Bavarian dirndl, look for contemporary natural neutral tones of beige and cream that go well with the fall holiday season.

Although most retailers don’t sell a crocheted skirt, you can knit one for yourself or buy a blouse, bodice, and apron from the vendor and purchase the skirt separately from a crochet house. 

Upgrade Classic Skirts

Stick to the attempted classics if experimenting with patterns and color is not your thing. After all, wispy, airy cotton skirts in shades of black, white, and navy will always appear stylish and current. But how will you avoid monotony while sticking to the basics?

A touch of elegance can be added to the traditional dirndl using components like lace and needlework. You can add aesthetic slip-ons or even heels with a plain maxi skirt to draw attention to your beautiful ankles and feet. 

As for the blouse, long sleeves with lace patterns will look stylish and appealing simultaneously. Look for a plunging neckline to balance out the whole look, so there is a hint of sensuality.

Sneakers With A Maxi Skirt

Unusual fashion combinations always make a statement at festivals, and if you’re a non-German, bringing an entirely new style to Oktoberfest will attract everyone towards you. 

Sneakers with a maxi skirt are the perfect combination to do. No one expects a lady to wear athletic footwear with a vintage dirndl, and we guarantee it will be a total show-stealer for you. 

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