How to create vogue hairstyles with dirndl dress even if you’re an amateur

It is famously said that a new and unique hairstyle makes a lady feel confident and cheerful, and both of these traits must be worn with a dirndl dress for an appealing appearance. Hairstyles hold a special place in the festivals, whether a nationwide Carnival in Brazil or a local festival like Oktoberfest. 

The hairdos can single-handedly change an outfit to a whole new level. But it’s high time we let go of the conventional styles and hop onto fresh and contemporary looks. 

It may seem daunting if you’re a hairstyle novice, but we have brought together some effortless ways to make your hair look eye-catching, unique, and trendy. So without wasting any time, let’s dive right in.

Ponytails To Try With Dirndl Dress

A ponytail is an efficient, viable, and effortless style to opt for. It is perfect for the festive season since there’s a lot of dancing, running around, and loads of eating. You don’t want hair strands sticking out from your food, do you?

There are several ways to upgrade a simple ponytail and make it Oktoberfest appropriate. Let’s take a look.

High Ponytail

Since it gives you a gorgeous, confident appearance that also lifts and tightens your face, the high ponytail hairstyle has been a cult favorite for decades. 

If your hair is too shiny and greasy, spritz it with some dry shampoo to add structure and grit so you can pull off this look. Remember that a messy high ponytail looks lovely and alluring, so don’t worry about keeping your hair too straight.

A messy high ponytail is a visual treat to the eyes, and it will uplift your traditional dirndl and make it look contemporary. 

Low & Sleek Ponytail

The low ponytail is a stylish hairdo popular among celebrities and models. If your hair is naturally straight and short, this style has a great ’90s vibe and will work for you. 

This hairstyle looks fantastic on faces with an oval or heart shape. By transitioning from a center parting to a deep side part, you may change it up for a very smooth appearance at Oktoberfest.  

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Braided Ponytail

If you’ve got extra minutes, pair your ponytail with a loose braid. This offers your appearance a pleasant, delicate, and seductive vibe and makes it a wonderful hairdo for the festive season. 

Because it will accentuate all the varied tones, this hairstyle is also incredibly appealing on hair that has been highlighted or dyed ombré. Since braids need thick and long hair, clip-in extensions might be an excellent choice to use with your ponytail.

If you want to incorporate tradition with trend, this hairdo is perfect to combine with a vintage dirndl, especially if you have freshly dyed hair. 

Velvet Bow

The most trendy way to amp up your style game with the Oktoberfest dirndl is to accessorize your hair with a velvet bow. This festive hair accessory hits the celebratory notes just right with its smooth, luxurious touch. 

The velvet bow looks perfect on hair with medium to long length. Straight and slick hair is easy to arrange into a glossy ponytail. A ponytail with velvet bow can be styled like this:

Pull your tresses up into a tidy, close ponytail at the top using an elastic tie. Use a round brush to flip hair out and flare the ends. At the base of the ponytail, add a big velvet bow to embellish and complete the look.

Curly Hairstyles For German Dirndl Dress

One of the most gorgeous hair textures are natural curls and we are here for it. If you have intrinsic curls, then you are in for a treat because this year is dominated by springy hairstyles. The trendiest hairdo, especially for Oktoberfest, is the 3D curls. 

The 3D Curls

Women have embraced their texture more than ever in recent years, and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s all about embracing the multidimensional charm of curly hair.  

Working with your hair to enhance the wonderful, bouncy texture you were blessed with is essential and, luckily, now in vogue too. Stylists advise using a particular hack to make curls stand out and appear as dimensional as possible. 

After all, you must make a statement with your German dirndl dress and the bouncy curls. The strong hair gel or balm you use for a durable style should be left in the hair until completely absorbed because it will leave a crunchy cast (perfect for 3D curls).   

Never try to brush the curls or run your fingers through them. The best-looking 3D curls are sleek and lustrous, so we suggest you choose hydrating products. Finish the style with a shine spray or gently scrunch a few drops of shine serum through the hair. Don’t be scared to use extra product to define curly hair. 

Have Fun With The Buns

Buns are foolproof for every occasion whether it is tousled, sleek, or a conventional style. A smooth middle-parted low bun accessorized with metal or pearly hair clips is a perfect hairdo for your Beerfest outfit. 

On the other hand, if you go for a cute messy high bun with fresh little daisies and left-out hair strands, we guarantee you that it will make for a striking look. You can also make intricate buns, a braided or twisted one for a delicate appearance. 

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