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Stylish German Lederhosen Shoes for Oktoberfest 8S          

Any Oktoberfest outfit cannot be complete without the German Lederhosen Shoes – Lederhosen without the Mens Lederhosen shoes is like Oktoberfest without a good brew, food, or music – unimaginable. The rustic Bavarian Suede leather boots or the rugged Haferl Shoes with the traditional designs are an important part of the traditional German-Bavarian Oktoberfest costume. 

Tracht Fashion and German Lederhosen Shoes 

The Dirndl Online Shop offers a wide selection of Trachten fashion that keeps evolving with time and has done so for millennia. For admirers of modern and casual Oktoberfest shoes, the Dirndl Online Shop provides valid signature pairs of the rich Alpine culture and an ode to Oktoberfest history.


The Lederhosen shoes men are for every occasion, and they are fit for any personality and fashion attitude – bridging the gap in fashion preferences. Special events such as the yearly Oktoberfest require special shoe models – thus, it is handy that these Trachten shoes are made in a wide range of selections. 

Oktoberfest Shoes Men

Are your shoes and Oktoberfest coat ready yet? We can picture the iconic pieces restless to go out and about Oktoberfest as it is just around the corner. Imagine wearing your perfect Lederhosen and not having suitable shoes and an Oktoberfest coat for it – Yes, not a pretty picture. But no problem, pick out from the selection of shoes and Oktoberfest coats from the dirndl online shop and get ready to prance at Oktoberfest without a worry in the world.


Pick out the shoes that offer comfort for those long Oktoberfest days and nights. 

What are these Mens Lederhosen shoes made from? 

Be it leather, polyester, linen cotton, or viscose, a comfortable fit shall always remain the priority. You can find tons of different Trachten shoe variants and accessories. Our shop solely focuses on robustness, quality, and the deep processing of quality materials.


Premium quality shoes in suede leather make your entire persona noble and casual while simultaneously quite serious. Adding to that, the hardy Haferlshoes in earthy natural color suede leather afford an authentic appearance. 

Lederhosen Shoes Men for Dancing 

The Heferl shoes/ Haferlschuhe are a tasteful footwear choice for any Oktoberfest outfit, whether a rustic Lederhosen or a masculine Bundhosen. Trachten shoes come with all the important features of a traditional Alpine shoe from the Austrian-Bavarian region. Enunciate 

Prime features of a Heferl Shoe include; 

  • Lower cut neck 
  • Angular-shaped tip
  • Raised heels 
  • Thick rubber profile sole 
  • Side Lacing